To make the cattle feed pellets more nutritious, you can add micro-nutrients like vitamins, cobalt, manganese, selenium, iodine..etc. The process of how to make cattle feed pellets goes through steps as explained below.


Step 1: Grinding

The first step on how to make cattle feed pellets is to crush the raw materials. This stage aims at grinding materials into fine particles so as it becomes easy while mixing them. This step happens in the primary crusher. There is a hammer mill that is responsible for breaking down the raw materials into finer particles. Once you have ground all the materials into finer particles, you are ready to move them to the next step to make cattle feed pellets.

cattle feed mixing machine

Step 2: Mixing

The next step of how to make cattle feed pellets is mixing. The crushed materials are ready for mixing inside a feed mixer. The mixer churns the various components into a homogeneous mixture. The mixer first churns the ground raw materials together until it obtains a well-mixed content. Afterward, you can now introduce the minerals compounds that you ought to add to the feeds. Continue with the process of blending for some period of time so as to allow it to have a uniform distribution of the contents.

cattle feed pellet mill machine

Step 3: Making cattle feed pellets

The third step is the process of pelletization. Once you are done with mixing all the contents well, you then make it go through a cattle pellet making machine. In the final phases of pelletization, the mash goes through a die that compacts it into pellets that are moist and soft. You are now ready to move the soft and moist pellets to the final step.

Step 4: Cooling

The final step of the process of cattle feed pellets is drying the pellets. The pelletization step yields pellets that have a moisture content of about 17%. This calls for you to dry the pellets so that they get to the required moisture content of 11-12% before they leave the manufacturing plant. The pellet cooling machine, on the other hand, ensures that you extrude pellets that are free from heat.

After drying, the process of how to make cattle feed pellets is complete after you screen .and grade it in the final phase. What follows is for you to take the cattle feed pellets out of the production plant, ready for you to weigh and package them . Afterward, you can use them if it was meant for home use or sell them if it was meant for commercial purposes.