1. Reach a wider audience

Grow your reach without hiring additional staff or trade partners. 

Localization and cross-border trade expertise can create challenges  for you when it comes to international trade. You might need to hire a  local agent to explain your products’ value to buyers in their own  language. You may need to connect with different trade and logistic  partners to facilitate your sale. All of this can cost you time and  money. But Rexporta covers these processes for you.

B2B marketplaces such as Amazon, and have tons of buyers in different countries. These marketplaces allow  you to reach overseas buyers and help you in facilitating the trade. 

Rexporta  supports localization. For example, we may help you  change your product’s name and translate the description into the  buyer’s local language. Rexporta  also provides various other  services to facilitate the trade including logistical support and  payment services.

Being a part of Rexporta  gives you an excellent  opportunity to reach international markets without becoming an expert in  cross-border trade.

2. Build your online presence

Building an online brand is one of the biggest challenges faced  nowadays by small business owners. Most medium-sized businesses have  established eCommerce stores, but small companies may be unable to start  online stores due to limited resources. 

Building an eCommerce store requires significant time and money.  First, you need to choose the right platform for your online store and  then spend time and money adding content and managing and promoting the  site. You’d have to build up your search engine optimization (SEO) so  that buyers can reach your site. It takes a few weeks or more to set up  everything from scratch on your own and longer to build your SEO.

As part of a Rexporta , you save both the time and money you’d  spend building your online store. Rexporta  has already done  the groundwork. Rexporta  is search engine  optimized, which provides better visibility for your products. All you  need to do is create your account and add your products. Then you can  start selling immediately. This whole process takes just a few hours.

Being a part of Rexporta  helps you grow your online  presence and gives you access to countless qualified buyers in your  country and around the world. 

3. Reduce your operational costs

Marketing and promotional activities are one of the highest costs for  any business owner. It starts with printing the product catalogs. Then  you pay to promote your products through various channels such as  newspapers, Google Ads, and participation in any online marketing  event. 

You can reduce these expenses by being part of Rexporta . 

Once you become a member of Rexporta , you can create  online catalogs to promote your products. You need not print product  catalogs or brochures or spend money on traditional marketing channels  to promote your products. You may also save the money you’d spend on  expensive business trips worldwide to secure business deals and display  the products in the tradeshows.

Rexporta  doesnt require any  fee for membership for the first 5 months, but we charge a reasonable service  fee on every transaction. These costs are very affordable for any  business owner. You save what you would otherwise spend building the  online marketplace, and you get better visibility for your business.  

4. Super easy set-up

You need not worry about using Rexporta . It’s as  easy as using social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

First, create an account, then you can start adding your products to sell online. 

Rexporta is super easy to use, and their team helps you in the onboarding process. 

5. Test your new products

Innovating new products is very important for the growth of any  business. Even if your product is extraordinary now, over time your  customers may outgrow your products. So you need to improve your  products continuously. 

Rexporta  is an ideal place for you to try your new products.  You can sell newly launched products or offer free samples to your  customers to test new ideas. You can also request your customers share  feedback and reviews to get a clear picture of where your products  stand.