Benefits of Automatic Irrigation System;

Automatic watering makes watering easier
Allows regular watering as needed by the plant
Provides fully regular watering at all times
Prevents unnecessary water use
Prevents unnecessary energy use
With automatic irrigation, pumps, pipes, etc. in the system. equipment is protected
Explosion, overpressure, loss and leakage situations are prevented.
It makes it easier to give the plant as much water as it needs.
Reduces labor costs
It eliminates surprises such as plant and product loss.
In short, automatic irrigation systems, when used correctly, have many benefits compared to manual irrigation.
We can summarize the benefits of the automatic irrigation system as follows:
The best watering times are when the sun's rays reduce their effect and the water penetrates the soil without steam. Thanks to its automatic irrigation system, it allows you to water whenever and however you want.
Irrigation area owners can benefit from the automatic irrigation system to ensure that irrigation works are not interrupted during long periods such as holidays or travels and to keep their area alive.
Systematic irrigation operations can be carried out automatically with professional materials, without the need for any personnel assistance.
Possible problems and information in the irrigation system are notified via SMS to the phone numbers defined in the system.
Before and after each irrigation process, you can remotely control and receive information messages.
Solenoid valves, which are the main element of the automatic irrigation system, can control the opening and closing processes and flow volume of water.
The speed, pressure and pollution status of irrigation water can be managed by the irrigation control unit.
Thanks to the installation of a soil moisture sensor, unnecessary irrigation is prevented.
Unexpected situations such as rain in the area where the Rain Sensor is installed are automatically detected and the activation of the irrigation system is postponed. The amount of moisture in the soil can be detected by humidity sensors, thus saving water.
It also eliminates the errors of the human element.