1.Easy operation

Rainpoint water timer is designed simple and intuitive so that you can set up the plan quickly. For example, the mini digital water timer ITV105 has a large LCD display, which makes you see the specific plan setting and the watering time at a glance.


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2.High value

Having complete functions that meet all the basic irrigation needs, the Rainpoint irrigation water timer simultaneously reduces many unnecessary volumes. When there are different requirements based on vegetation characteristics, a 2-outlet irrigation water timer can be your first choice to help you schedule your watering plans separately for two areas with only one tap. Simple, easy, and high value with an affordable price!


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3.Water saving

Rainpoint's advanced technology in garden timer makes it possible to prevent over-watering, not only running as regular irrigation schedules but also turning on and off automatically based on real-time data. Rainpoint smart water timers can connect with soil sensors to detect soil temperature and humidity in real-time and automatically start and stop the valve according to the set value, effectively saving water in the garden and avoiding waste.


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4.Time saving

One of the most essential things that a water timer can do for you is save time on garden irrigation. With Rainpoint garden water timers, you can set flexible irrigation tasks according to your own schedule. It's available to set the irrigation schedule every a few hours or a few days, as well as the amount of water consumed each time. It will automatically water according to your settings.


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5. Save money

With the features above, Rainpoint can schedule water, monitor watering consumption, and detect leaks or excessive water usage to help you manage monthly water bills wisely. The timer can also send warning notifications quickly if the water flow rate is out of whack, avoiding unpleasant surprises when your water bill exceeds your expectations.


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6. Save energy

People who own gardens must understand how laborious it is to manage the garden, which feels exhausting even only watering. Getting a Rainpoint irrigation timer can free your hands from water so you can enjoy time with family, relaxed and happy. At the same time, the garden flowers and plants grow healthier than you intended.


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