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Corrugated pipe

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corrugated pipe diametre
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General Features of Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated Pipes; According to TS EN 13476-1 and DIN 16961-16566 standards, it is produced with self- flap and sleeve in diameters from Ø100 to 2600, in SN4 and SN8 classes .

bell in all diameters , it does not require extra sleeves and saves labor.

Since it is manufactured from polyethylene raw material; It is an ideal product for long-lasting sewage systems as it is resistant to corrosion, has high resistance to abrasion and has excellent resistance to chemicals.

Corrugated Pipes are combined with bell gaskets or sleeve gaskets. It can be easily installed in any construction site environment.

Absolute sealing is provided up to 0.5 bar pressure. In this way, sewage waste does not contaminate groundwater. It provides ease of storage and transportation with telescopic stacking.

Corrugated Pipes are very light and at the same time resistant to impacts. It does not cause wastage during transportation and storage. Since Corrugated Pipe is light, there is no need for heavy equipment during installation.

of Corrugated Pipe, the project speed is faster than other pipe materials. Since the inner surface of the Corrugated Pipe is manufactured in light color, it allows the inside of the network to be inspected with a camera when desired.

Since Corrugated Pipes have very low hydraulic roughness compared to other pipe materials, they can be used in the sewage system by optimizing the diameter and selecting a lower diameter.

Thus, the project cost can be reduced. The smooth inner surface prevents solid particles in the system from adhering to the pipe surface and prevents cross-sectional narrowing that may occur over time.

Corrugated Pipes are flexible, they are not affected by ground movements or deformed. The lifespan of corrugated pipes is minimum 50 years.

Advantages of Corrugated Pipes

Being polyethylene and polypropylene , it has high resistance to corrosion .

 Its guaranteed life against external influences is at least 50 years and can be used for 100 years .

 Since plastics are hydraulically smooth, they offer less resistance to the fluid and the fluid flows with a higher filling rate. This reduces project costs by selecting a sub-diameter group in the project.

 There is no product loss during application . _ _ _ _ _

 Since its density is much lower than concrete and casting, the need for construction equipment is reduced to minimum levels.

 Since its abrasion resistance is high , it does not allow groundwater and soil to be polluted by drilling .

 Even if the ground is gravel , it prevents breakage by stretching inwards from that area in case of overload .

 It does not allow trees to infiltrate the canal and block it .

 There is no product loss during application . _ _ _ _ _

 All kinds of connection parts allow the production of special products for the project . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 When combined with electrofusion, it does not leak and does not disintegrate even at 4 bar pressure .

 It does not break or become disabled due to the tremors of an earthquake .

 It can be used in river , lake and sea crossings .

 It can be used to discharge pre-treated water from treatment plants into sea currents.



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Tbilisi, Georgia,
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WGTechno was founded in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2010. It is the shining star of the irrigation sector with its factory with a monthly plastic processing capacity of 580 tons as of 2023 and its dealership network that has exceeded the borders of the country. Every product we produce in Georgia, China and Turkey is guaranteed for at least one season. Pipes, fittings, pumps, filters, greenhouses and automatic irrigation controllers are just a few of our areas of expertise. If you would like to become our dealer in irrigation and agricultural equipment, you can start the process by sending a message.

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