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Plastic Filter H 4''

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Drop irrigation systems if not indispensable filters made drop irrigation systems heartland aspect pressure source with drop irrigation It is located between the pipe . The lifespan of laterals , which are the most important part of drip irrigation , depends on whether the drippers on these laterals continue to function. that they didn't according to determines. drippers inside place area This transition channels, the energy of water reduce, exit pressure drop purpose with a lot narrow aspect manufacture has been made. This whereas drippers partially or completely blockage risk It increases. This drippers blockage drip pipe activity end to completion reason It is possible. This that's why filter group in the system vital One point constitute It does. Same in time blockage risk spouse in water distribution to disorders reason because it will happen product amount And the quality also will spoil it. Like this unit from the field received product amount cause to fall It will happen.
• Little pressure loss with juice filter,
• Thick substances to escape to prevent,
• Thick substances system outside easily to throw,
• Each opposite washing post- of the filter first to position to arrive And opposite washing during A lot little This expenditure.
• Of water of the source Type (well goal swimming pool etc...),
• Of water pollution degree (Annual, shaft or moss like pollutants intensity rate),
• Of water flow rate,
• Pump of the exit diameter of like values also eyelash in front should be kept.
• This flow rate without reducing juice should filter,
• solids should not miss,
• It caught on is thick substances system outside easily should throw,
• Opposite washing during A lot little This must spend,
• proliferation of bacteria should prevent.
with disc filter synthetic of disks top on top One to the column alignment with occurs. Filter task maker This discs top on top is compressed. of discs top And lower There are thin channels on the face of the filter that determine its filtering ability at the micron level . These channels on the discs are in opposite directions, intersecting each other. When the discs are placed on top of each other, these channels form multiple filter layers that intersect each other . The water passing through these channels is particle diameter much is filtered.
A. Pump without running before of the filter engorged is is not there control should be done. This for the purpose disk either in sieve of the filter cover by opening filter clean inside is control should be done.
B. Irrigation during filter when it gets clogged filter entrance pressure rises exit pressure whereas falls. Entrance with exit pressures between one horse (or in one bar) or more more difference when seen of the filter cleaning must. Only pressure time the one which... in filters of the filter is blocked pressure of your watch It can be understood from the shaking. Filtering in their systems -most important stage of filters cleaning process. This Subject never not to be forgotten required One is the process. drip pipes not clogging for This process definitely should be carried out.
A. disassembled Cleaning:
Pump without running before of the filter engorged is is not there control should be done. This for the purpose disk either in sieve of the filter cover by opening filter clean inside is control should be done.
B. Backwash _ Cleaning:
In systems opposite washing valves the one which... filter in the group of the system entrance And at their exit pressure loss is time evacuation valves by opening thanks to valves opposite washing process with in the system accumulated of parts outside throwing away is provided.
C. automated System:
Manual backwashing is done automatically with the help of electronic circuits that detect pressure differences in the system.

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Tbilisi, Georgia,
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WGTechno was founded in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2010. It is the shining star of the irrigation sector with its factory with a monthly plastic processing capacity of 580 tons as of 2023 and its dealership network that has exceeded the borders of the country. Every product we produce in Georgia, China and Turkey is guaranteed for at least one season. Pipes, fittings, pumps, filters, greenhouses and automatic irrigation controllers are just a few of our areas of expertise. If you would like to become our dealer in irrigation and agricultural equipment, you can start the process by sending a message.

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