Hepa Air Purifier And Humidifier In One CADR300

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Hepa Air Purifier / Humidifier CADR300

The Hepa Humidifier Air Purifier CADR300 is a highly effective air purifier that is perfect for purifying the air in users’ homes or offices. With a CADR of 300m³/h, the air purifier can purify the air in rooms ranging from 21 to 36 square meters.

The air purifier features HEPA filtration, which is highly effective in removing dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air for users. The activated carbon filtration system also helps to eliminate odors and harmful gases, ensuring that the air they breathe is fresh and clean.

The air purifier has a noise level of ≤65dB(A), making it quiet enough to use in a bedroom or other quiet space, without causing any disturbance to users. With a power of 70W, the air purifier is highly efficient and can run for extended periods without consuming too much energy, making it an environmentally friendly option as well.

Benefits Of This Air Purifier

1. Multiple Safety Features: The device includes dumping/opening/fire prevention and automatic power-off protection for enhanced security.

2. Versatile Functionality: Wind speed, automatic, timing, and sleep modes are available, along with optional aromatherapy, humidification, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

3. UVC Sterilization: Effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses for a healthier environment.

4. PM 2.5 Digital Display & Air Quality Indicator: Clearly displays air quality levels to keep you informed.

5. Child Lock, Timer & Filter Reminder: Ensures child safety and provides convenient timer functionality with filter replacement alerts.

6. Adjustable Wind Speed & Modes: Offers three wind speed levels, auto mode, and sleep mode for personalized comfort. 

7. Negative Ion Release: Generates tens of millions of negative ions, creating a refreshing indoor environment similar to a forest oxygen bar.









Wind Speed:

1/2/3 + Auto Mode + Sleep Mode


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Henan Sheng, China,
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company is in China. We use Rexporta delivery for Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan

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